Pulse Safety Solutions Ltd are now operating our delivery of training courses in the way detailed by the latest advice from the HSE and UK Government.

As a socially responsible company, we are operating by following the strict guidelines detailed below in conjunction with our own risk assessments in relation to the current Covid 19 situation.

All procedures are to be adhered to on every course we deliver at clients on site venues. This information must be communicated to the client at the time of the course booking and will also be reemphasized at the start of every course to ensure all delegates, employers and venues meet these requirements.

Pulse Safety Solutions Ltd will be able to train up to 12 delegates per course providing all the requirements listed below are met by the delegates, employer and venue. If the venue requirements cannot be met, the number of delegates will have to be reduced to fit the space available and the requirements detailed below.

    • A site risk assessment will be required to be completed by our staff and the venues responsible person. This will ensure the safety of the learners, and the trainer when delivering a face to face course.
    • All learners are requested to complete a pre course information module. This allows us to collate the required information for each learner and checks symptoms prior to the course taking place (in line with our current infection control protocol). All information is subject to our stringent GDPR policies.
    • Upon arrival at a training site, a detailed check of the risk assessment will be completed along with a venue checklist being completed by the trainer to ensure these standards are upheld before the course takes place.
    • The layout of the training room will provide safe distances of 2 metres per learner and trainer to ensure safety, as per government guidelines.
    • Each learner will be provided with a CPR face shield, alcohol sanitising wipes, training aids and disposable gloves.
    • Throughout the course, learners will be instructed to undertake hygiene breaks ensuring hand washing and sanitising occurs, keeping everyone safe.
    • Regular and in-depth sanitising of equipment is carried out throughout the course by learners and the trainer alike.
    • Breaks will be staggered to limit the contact of learners and prevent congregation of many people in one place.
    • Learners are encouraged to partner up with a colleague to limit the contact with other course members and limit the potential spread of infection.
    • Following completion of the course, each learner will be contacted for a post course welfare check. If symptoms are now present, the learner will be advised to self-isolate and seek medical advice according to latest Government guidelines.

By adhering to these new procedures, Pulse Safety Solutions Ltd can ensure the safety of all learners and trainers on our face to face training courses.